I consider myself lucky that the county has picked this location for a new reef! This is in front of our condo, DESTIN PALMS, that is a 3 bedroom condo in Pavilion Palms. This is the public beach and parking lot that is located to the west of Pompano Joes.

The county installed these concrete reefs last year. This one is in the form of a Dolphin! It is accessible from the beach but it is a long swim out to them. It is possible for the experienced swimmer. We use our kayaks to get to them and we fish them! On a good day, you will see many kayakers, paddle boarders and boats at this location. 

You can fish out there as these reefs hold millions of bait fish! So the larger fish move in and out for an easy meal! Early morning or late evening is a great time to fish. 

You can also dive or snorkel here. There is plenty to see! That was the main idea for the reefs. With miles of white sand, the bottom is the same over and over. These reefs give wildlife something to "hold" on to and it is working very well! 

If you go out there, look for the double yellow post that are in the parking lot. When you line them up it puts you on the reef. It is a way for boats to navigate to the location easily. You can see the double yellow post, like telephone poles in the parking lot and that is the reason they are there! 

It is wonderful that the county has been proactive in creating these reefs. Next time you are in the Miramar Beach area or check the county site for many other locations, pay them a visit and enjoy the wildlife! 

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