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Destin, Florida is a truly magical place to vacation. From the gorgeous white sand beaches to countless fun-filled activities offered in the area. Visiting Destin is sure to be an experience you reminisce about for years! If you and your travel companions are an adventurous group, we at destintogo.com recommend that you take a fishing charter, hike through Henderson Beach State Park, or partake in a thrilling and intense cross-fit class. Guests looking for a more serene style of vacationing are encouraged to participate in the sandcastle building classes and or bowl some strikes at Hurricane Lanes. Aside from the beautiful aesthetics and adrenaline-pumping activities, Destin is also known for its fantastic dining scene. Whether you're looking for fresh from the fisherman seafood (caught in the local water) or an eccentric meal, Destin, Florida has you and your taste buds covered!



  • Sandcastle Building Lessons- Pick a gorgeous day while in Destin and head down to the beach and partake in a group sandcastle-building lesson. Build monstrous feats of architecture with the guidance of your teacher!
  • OTF Cross Fit- While vacationing and relaxing is great, some visitors to the Destin area also want to get in or stay in shape. Wondering where you can get in a killer workout? Head to OTF Cross Fit and jump in an intense and rewarding class. Release yourself from any guilt you have from eating that tantalizing key lime pie with an awesome calorie shredding workout at OTF Cross Fit.
  • Dawn Patrol Charter- Did you know that Destin, Florida is known as “the luckiest fishing village” in the country? Head on down to Dawn Patrol Charters and board their fishing vessel for a day or half-day of deep seas fishing!
  • Hurricane Lanes- Vacation is half fun and adventure and half rest and relaxation! Guests looking for a lovely leisurely activity in Destin should head to Hurricane Lanes. Hurricane Lanes is a large bowling alley in Destin. Bring the whole family and play a few rounds or drop off your teenagers on the teen night and let them dance to music and make new friends while bowling.
  • Henderson Beach Park- Most people traveling and vacationing in Destin have parks where they live but do not have park and beach combinations. Take a day and head to Henderson Beach State Park and enjoy the water and sand as well as beautiful forestry and hiking. Not a bad way to spend a vacation day!


  • Tuscany Italian Bistro-Patrons looking for a homemade classic Italian meal in Destin, Florida should consider visiting Tuscany Italian Bistro. From “made from scratch” pasta to the “crème de la crème” of Italian desserts this place has it all!
  • Crab Trap-Destin-Looking for a restaurant with the freshest seafood in the area? Look no further than The Crab Trap! This awesome restaurant gets seafood brought in daily from local fisherman. It doesn’t get any fresher than that! Whether you choose to partake in crab legs, gulf shrimp, or the rotating catch of the day, we at destintogo.com assure you that your meal will be memorable!
  • Simply Sushi- Patrons interested in not only the freshest seafood in Destin, but also looking for various cuisine styles are encouraged to take a break from the traditional “seafood restaurants” and head to Simply Sushi. Simply Sushi not only do you get fresh Destin seafood, but you also get to partake in a variety of unique sushi rolls and other Japanese cuisine favorites!
  • Pompano Joe’s- Looking for a “TRUE” taste of seafood in Destin? Head to the highly touted Pompano Joe’s and let them show you why Destin is considered one of the best places in the world to eat seafood! Whether you're looking for oysters, crab, gulf shrimp, or various other seafood indigenous to the area, Pompano Joe’s has you covered and then some! Come see what all the hype is about!
  • Beach Walk Café- Beach Walk Café is yet another amazing seafood restaurant in Destin, but what else does it bring to the table to separate itself from the various other seafood restaurants? VIEWS! Beach Walk Café has a few of the best views in Destin, Florida. Sit back and relax on their gorgeous outdoor patio as you look off into the water while dining on fresh seafood and tipping back a chilled glass of Chardonnay. There is no better way to utilize all of the amazing scenery and food in Destin, then to kick back and enjoy seafood and a glass of wine while watching the slowly undulating waves!


Destin, Florida is truly one of the best “DESTINation” vacations in the world! This awesome vacation area features countless amenities including some of the best and freshest seafood restaurants, countless both leisurely and adrenaline-pumping activities, more shopping outlets per square mile than almost anywhere else, and so much more. We at destintogo.com are proud to call Destin, Florida our home and can’t wait for you to come visit us and enjoy all of these wonderful things that our city and the surrounding areas have to offer!

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