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As a great Instagram philosopher once said, “I’m in need of a night with a bonfire, good music, great friends, and a million stars.” Did you know Destin is a fantastic place to accomplish all of the things listed in the quote above? Imagine kicking back on the beach with your friends and family on a gorgeous vacation evening, enjoying a large bonfire on the beach as you tell stories, laugh, and maybe even play a little music. Not a bad way to spend a vacation evening! Many of us have stories from our childhood of visiting Destin, Florida. The highlight for many of us were the evening spent on the beach with a massive bonfire, watching the fire crackling and the water slowly ungulate. Talk about a truly serene setting! I highly recommend that you participate in spending time around a beach bonfire while you are vacationing in Destin, Florida!


There are two ways to go about partaking in a beach bonfire while in Destin. The first way is to go to the South Walton Fire District and get a permit. The permits are fifty dollars and have the following requirements:  

“Permits can be obtained for any South Walton beach public access. Applicants wishing to obtain a permit for a private location must present written permission from the property owner during the application process. The person obtaining the permit must be present during the hours of the bonfire. The approved bonfire permit must be presented upon request of a Fire Official or Law Enforcement Officer. The South Walton Fire District reserves the right to check for permit compliance at any time.”


The second way to participate in a beach bonfire in Destin is to call one of the various companies in the area that specialize in setting up the fires for vacationers and locals alike. These companies really go “all-out” when it comes to making sure patrons have a truly spectacular time at their beach bonfires. Most of the standard beach bonfire company packages include: an employee to start and maintain the fire, smores materials, and a table. Most companies also offer premium packages that include all of the things in the basic packages as well as Bluetooth wireless speakers, chairs to sit in, coolers, beverages (both alcoholic and non) and much more. Needless to say, these companies really care about making sure their guests have the best time ever!


If you tour the different gift and souvenir shops in Destin, Florida you will repeatedly see shirts and posters with this witty phrase on it: “life needs more beaches and bonfires.” We couldn’t agree more with that quote and lucky for all of us Destin, Florida has a plethora of both beaches and beach bonfires! I was speaking with a young colleague of mine the other day, as we were talking about Destin, he began to reminisce about a beach bonfire he attended last year. One thing he said really stuck with me: “That beach bonfire in Destin was lit!” From young children through the elderly everyone enjoys bonfires on the beach. Head down to Destin soon and join in on a truly memorable beach bonfire experience!  


**** Bonfires are only permitted in South Walton County through this link:

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